• Another success in Tajikistan

    Another success in Tajikistan for hunting of marco polo sheep and ibex, Jay Furney got his 20s sheep in 3 days of hunting, next day he shot one Ibex and in last days he got 2 wolves! it is really big succsess of hunter from USA.

  • Pamir Ibex in Tajikistan mountains

    It was hard work for Craig Mueller from USA but he got his Pamir Ibex in Tajikistan mountains. He made long shot of 600 yards. Trophy size is about 48 inches! Really big BILLY was shot by Craig! We congratulate him with so beautiful trophy! 

  • Mid Caucasian Tur and Kuban Tur Russia

    Pat Garret from Canada got his trophies of Mid Tur and Kuban Tur in Russian Federation. Weather was changing every day from sunny to snowy and rainy but Pat shot his Mid tur in first day of hunt than we change region and he shot his Kuban tur, thanks for Rashid and Ali for helping of this hunt and thanks to Pat and Darien his son for hunting with us. Photo report

    You can also watch video about this trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ET0Cs8SZhc

  • Michel and Pamela O’Laughlin from USA

    Michel and Pamela O’Laughlin from USA successful hunted for East Caucasian Tur in Azerbaijan with us! This family of hunters showed excellent physical and shooting quality with which we congratulate them. We hope hunt with this people for Kuban and Mid Tur as well! Photo report

  • Выставка «Охота. Рыбалка. Отдых»

    Компания Global Safari Azerbaijan приняла участие в выставке «Охота. Рыбалка. Отдых»  в Международном выставочном  центре «Крокус Экспо». Полученные результаты превзошли все ожидания.

  • Goitered Gazelle

    Before home back from Iran Valeriy hunted for  Goitered Gazelle and wild boars in Iran. We congratulate him with so interesting and successful trip! 

  • Transcaspian Urial

    Transcaspian urial it is another trophy of Valeriy from Russia! It was not easy hunt! But in second day of hunt guide could put as on very close distance for shooting - about 50 meters

  • Afghan urial

    Afghan urail was hunted by Valeriy in Iran! It was really interesting hunt!

  • Armenaian mouflon

    Valeriy from Russia hunted for Armenian mouflon in Iran, in first day he shot his trophy. 

  • Hunt in Azerbaijan

    Alexey Kim hunter from Russian Federation hunted with us for Dagestan Tur. Alexey got HUGE TUR of 1 meter 03 cm in Ismaily area of Azerbaijan! 

  • Valeriy hunted for Alpine Ibex in Austria

    Valeriy hunted for Alpine Ibex  in Austria with Global Safari. This trip was really interesting for hunter. In several days Valeriy shot: Gold Ibex (171.40 CIC) and Platinum IBEX (210.40 CIC) that mean almost world record Ibex.

  • Huge Reed Deer and and mouflon

    Huge Reed Deer and and mouflon shot Valeriy in Austria! Reed deer was really nice and big! In same day hunter got his mouflon as well.

  • In Austria Valeriy shot nice Alpine Chamois

    In Austria Valeriy shot nice  Alpine Chamois, several days we were looking for it, we have had good chance to shoot it in first day but rain and fog was to strong for hunt. Any where Valeriy could shot one from 250 meters. 

  • Valeriy in Canada

    Several deers and Bison was shot by Valeriy in Canada, our best hunter never stop! Weather was comfortable and Valeriy's shot was accurate as usually. We congratulate Valeriy with this hunt! 

  • Group of friends from Kuwait

    Group of friends from Kuwait hunted for Ducks with us. Abdulaziz S A J M Alfalah, Nassar Abdulrahman J Almutairi,  Mohammad A A A Alrabei faced good weather for hunting and good population of birds.

  • Valeriy in Arctic

    Valeriy which nick name is HUNTING machine again successfully hunted. For this time he has been in Arctic for Polar Bear and got it. During his trip to Arctic he saw many bears and could shot one he liked. We congratulate him with so interesting hunt!

  • One more group from Kuwait

    One more group from Kuwait hunted with us for Ducks! Yousif Almee, Mohammad Alrumaidhi, Ali Alazemi, Ahmad, Jaber, Falah – Alnami show real fantastic shooting skills.