• Khalid Alsayer, Fawaz Almudhaf, Faisal Alomani

    Our congratulations for group of hunters from Kuwait. This trip was really interesting and memorable. Hunters arrived in right time and right place (Lake Sari Su – Azerbaijan).  During this trip group observed and hunted many various water fowling birds. Even, several guest hunted first time for ducks, they showed good shooting skills. We say thanks  for Khalid Alsayer (The Boss), Fawaz Almudhaf (The Sheikh), Faisal Alomani (The prince of Marakesh,  Abdullah Alsayer (The Brother). As well thanks for Tariq Alsayer (The Regbisto), Waleed Saleh (The Dantisto), Ahmad X (The Batman) and Faisal Almudhaf (The King). As first group from Kuwait this group also always will be in our hearts

  • Yousef Alazemi, Faisal Alawadi and Talal Alhamad

    Group of hunters from Kuwait successful hunted for birds in Azerbaijan. Yousef Alazemi, Faisal Alawadi and Talal Alhamad proved that Kuwait has skilful hunters. During hunting trip in Azerbaijan Kuwaiti hunters saw and got many various birds in Lake Sari-Su.  We really happy to organize for these nice people next hunting trip in Azerbaijan and other countries which they are planning with us.

  • Victor Likhachev and Konstantin Bochkarev

    My congratulation for group of hunters, who hunted with me in IRAN. Victor Likhachev from Russia took one Laristan sheep and one Armenian sheep. Konstantin Bochkarev shot one Armenian sheep and one Isfahan Sheep. Hunting in Iran is not simple but our trip was finished early than was planning due to guys show good hunting skills and shooting. They already have plans for hunt in next year for rest species in Iran. Thanks for hunting with Global Safari! Report about hunting trip in Iran.

  • Valeriy Eliseev

    Valeriy Eliseev hunted in Siberia for Moose and Manchurian deer. He got it! Our congratulation for him! We wish Valeriy success in next hunts!

  • Yakov Velichko

    Hunter from Bulgaria Yakov Velichko have had interesting hunt for Dagestan Tur. He showed nice shooting and physical skills. Thanks for hunt with our team.

  • Aleksey Agafonov, Ali Mahmudov and Ilham Mahmudov

    Congratulations for most active group of hunters from Azerbaijan! Aleksey Agafonov, Ali Mahmudov and Ilham Mahmudov shot 3 Crimean land deer, 1 mouflon and 1 fallow deer during 3 days hunting in Crimea - Ukraine. Hunters have had interesting hunting for birds as well. We wish them further successful shots and game wins!

  • Viktor Likhachev and Konstantin Bochkarev

    Another successful hunt for Viktor Likhachev and Konstantin Bochkarev. Incredibly beautiful Altai place will not leave you indifferent as well. Victor and Konstantin got Maral, two Ibex and one wolf near Mountain “Belukha”. Congratulations to hunters from Russia. Victors Ibex became a Russian champion of trophy size – 1 m 20 cm.

  • Ali Mahmudov and Aleksey Agafonov

    Magnificent hunt during rut time for Red Deer in Bulgaria were done by hunters from Azerbaijan. Ali Mahmudov got his Red deer (silver medal) during 4 days hunt, in last day he shot mouflon and wild boar (bronze medal). Aleksey Agafonov shot good one mouflon as well.

  • Roy Hrelja

    Team of Global Safari share of joyous event with Roy Hrelja, this famous hunter from Australia went down in world hunting history. Roy got Eastern Dagestan Tur with horns size of 1 metre 13 cm. Roy thanks for hunting with us!

  • Antal Beck

    Famous hunter from Hungary Antal Beck successful hunted for TUR, congratulation for Antal with his good trophy.

  • Elnur Nabiyev and Rafael Nabiyev.

    Successful hunting in Namibia by hunters from Azerbaijan. Kudu, Eland, Oryx, Zebra and so on, were taken by Elnur Nabiyev and Rafael Nabiyev.

  • Rolf Ramse

    Great trophy of TUR was taken by Rolf Ramse from Sweden, we congratulate Jens Fjareide from Norway as well. Rolf got trophy of 1 meter long !!! Bravo!

  • Zohrab Sabzaliyev and Intigam Razev

    Fantastic hunting trip in South Africa was done by hunters from Azerbaijan. Zohrab Sabzaliyev and Intigam Razev hunted for Zebras, Kudu, Oryx, Hartebeest, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, in total were hunted 10 trophies. Faig Babanly and Asif Ilyasov hunted for several antelopes as well.

  • Bashir Guliyev

    Bravo for Bashir Guliyev from Azerbaijan who hunted for Kudu (gold medal), Warthog, Blue Wildebeest and Zebra in Namibia.

  • Nina Sorensen

    For Nina Sorensen is was second trip to Azerbaijan, fir time she took trophy but now she back and renew her record. We really respect her and congratulate with so nice result of hunt.

  • Tahir Aliyev

    Hunter from Azerbaijan Tahir Aliyev got nice Oryx, Blue Wildebeest, Burchell Zebra & Hartebeest.

  • Nadim Khan

    Hunter from USA Nadim Khan  got his trophy of Eastern Dagestan Tur. Trophy was taken in second day of hunt. With big respect from Global Safari team!

  • Eric Bermel

    Eric Bermel from France successfully hunted for East Caucasian Tur. So now this nice trophy go to France! Our team congratulate him with it.