Hunting in Mauritania
We organize hunting for warthogs in Mauritania desert (near the Senegal river in the south part of the country). We manage in that area a total of 230.000 hectares with two different camps, one of them with bungalows and the other one with typical desert tents named Haimas. Season is 1 November – 30 March. Duration is 4 – 6 days. Quantity of hunters: 2-8 in group.
Hunting in Zimbabwe 
It is black Africa! It is Zimbabwe!  Total no fence hunting. Here you will be able hunt Elephant, Sable, leopard, buffalo, lion, crocodile and plans game as well! Duration of hunting from 14 days and more. Season from June to November.


Hunting in Mozambique

The real hunt for real hunter is Mozambique! Total no fence hunting. Here you will be able hunt Sable, leopard, buffalo, lion, elephant, crocodile and plans game as well! Duration of hunting from 12 days and more. Season from June to November.

Name Hunting in Namibia

Namibia is a country where hunting spirit is felt. Despite of the highest service the spirit of wild nature is always felt there. We offer you to get an enormous number of animals in Omaruru area, namely: oryx, giraffe, klipspringer, kudu greeter, nyala, springbok, steenbuck, hartebeest red , waterbuck , warthog , ostrich, sable, impala blackfaced, impala southern, zebra (both types), roan, Blessbuck, duiker  common, dik dik, blue and black  gnu, tsessebe, genet, baboon, eland, caracal, cheetah and leopard. A wonderful rancho with all necessary improvements and bathroom is placed at your disposal. In the evenings you can spend in large living room or in front of campfire, and in the daytime you can refresh yourself in the swimming pool. It takes 3.5 hours to arrive to rancho. Duration of hunting: 5 days.

Hunting in South Africa

There is a wide choice of animals in SA from antelopes to representatives of big 5. Our rancho is situated in Limpopo in 3 hours of drive from Johannesburg.  It is very comfortable. There are several apartments in it. There is a perfect swimming pool near the rancho. We can organize river fishing for you as well as other entertainments. Here you will be able to get following animals: oryx, impala, bushbuck, hartebeest, nyala, steenbuck, warthog, buspig, duiker (2 types), blue gnu, waterbuck, zebra (burshel), kudu greater, cape eland, caracal, jackal and giraffe. Besides we offer you hunt elephant, lion, buffalo and rhinoceros. Duration of hunting: 5 days (depends on hunting object).


Hunting in Zambia

Hunting in Zambia is one of fascinating and serious African hunting types. The hunting is conducted not far from the valley of river Luangwa’s in eastern Musalanga district. You can get here the following animals: Group A: lion, leopard, roan
Group B: buffalo, bushbuck, bushpig, crocodile, Livingston eland, hippopotamus, hyena, sharpe’s grysbok, greater kudu, impala, waterbuck. Group C: baboon, duiker, warthog, zebra. Guests are settled in typically African bungalow (hot water and light are available). Duration of hunting: 7 days and more.


Hunting in Sudan

Sudan is the biggest African country, there you can hunt famous and rare Nubian Ibex. This trophy is very important for trophy collection. Usually hunting is going from 7 to 18 days. You can also hunt for  BARBARY SHEEP, ERITREAN GAZELLE, SALT'S DIKDIK, KLIPSPRINGER, HAMADRYAS.  Season is middle October 2009 through middle February. 

Hunting in Cameroon

We organize hunting in north and south Cameroon. In North you can hunt very rare animals as: Lord Derby Eland, Nigerian bohor reedbuck, python, kob, sing-sing waterbuck, red flanked duiker, harness bushbuck, western hartebeest, western roan, western bush duiker, red river hog, and savannah buffalo. In South: Bongo, Duiker, Sitatunga, Pig, Elephant. Your African trophy collection is not complete without them!  Safari is going from 7 to 18 days. Season from 1 December to 31 May. 


Hunting  in Mauritius

It is  a genuine manly entertainment that gives an opportunity to release the inner hunter that every man has. For example this is a fantastic place to hook the deer Java. It should be noted that the Java deer was introduced to Mauritius from Holland in 1639. Since the island hasn’t got predators, these deer are bred and now live in large quantities forests of the island. Big male weighs an average of 120 pounds and has a horn up to one meter. You can also practice hunting Mauritius on wild pigs, rabbits and a variety of birds such as guinea fowl, partridges and pheasants. . Duration 7 days. Season June – December