Hunting in Belarus

We organize hunting in Belarus for European Bison, Moose, Red Stag, Fallow deer, Roe deer, Spotted deer, Mouflon and wolfs. I think most interesting is EUROPEAN BISON, we organize it  in free (not fenced) areas. Its body length reaches 3.5 m, the weight, up to 1000 kg. It may be hunted only by previous order, in winter period. The trophy is the skull with antlers and is valued by the scientific department of the hunting ground in CIC points.


Hunting in Switzerland

We organize hunting for Alpine Ibex in Switzerland, place calls Canton of Wallis (4600 meters high of pick). But hunting is conducted on the height of 2000-3000 meters maximum. Note: Waiting of hunting license can go up 3 to 4 year.


Hunting in Spain

For me Spain is a European Caucasus. An inveterate mountainous hunter is able to get perfect trophies here, although hunting itself does not require intensive physical training. We offer you to get 4 types of Spanish ibex: Ronda, South Eastern, Beceite, Gredos, Pirinee and Cantabria chamois, Boc Balear - the Mallorca wild goat, Barbary Sheep, Reed Deer, fallow deer and muflon. Accommodation: very comfortable hotels. Hunting takes place on the height of 1500-2000 m. Hunting areas: Sierra Nevada, Malaga, Kasetolon, Turuel, Casares, Guadalajara, Mallorca and so on. Duration of hunting: 3-16 days (depends on your program).


Hunting in France

Hunting for Chartreuse chamois (RUPICAPRA RUPICAPRA CARTUSIANA) takes place in the middle of the Chartreuse Mountain national park, the only place in the world where you can see and hunt Chartreuse chamois. A very few number of tags are available each year for this subspecies.  France Chamois hunts has a 100% success rate for rifle hunts for Chartreuse chamois. Season October to February. Duration of hunt 1-3 days. Quantity of group 1-4 hunters (depends on quantity of license in moment) 

Hunting in Russia

in Karelia region of Russian Federation you can find really big population of Bear. We have comfortable camp, where near you can hunt from tower. Usually we do hunt for Bear on bait. Duration of hunting from 3 to 5 days


Hunting in Russia

We offer you hunt for capercaillie and black cock hunting in Russia. This hunt we provide from 1 May till 14 May (dates can be changed). This hunt is classic-absorbing  hunt in Russian forest. It is good time for spending it with friends. Accommodation in very comfortable houses or mini hotels. Areas: Kirov, Tver, Yaroslavl. Duration from 3 days.

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Hunting in Slovakia

One of interesting trophy for mountain hunter is should be Tatra Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra tatrica) in Low Tatras. Possible shoot mouflon, reed deer, wild boar, fallow deer and roe deer. Duration of hunting from 4 to 6 days

Hunting in Bulgaria

We organize hunting in the best zones of Bulgaria, such as Cherny Lom, Kormisosh and Rozitsa. In these areas you will have an opportunity to get Reed Deer, Fallow deer, Roe Deer, muflon, Chamois, wild Boar, Bear, wood grouse and upon your request even Bison. Accommodation: hotels situated not far from the hunting area. Duration of hunting: 4 days.

Hunting in Croatia

Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country, where we can hunt for several very interesting animals, like Dalmatian Ovan or Dalmatian Wild Sheep was accepted into the SCI Record Book, European Mouflon, Balkan Chamois, Brown Bear and Feral Goat. During hunt hunters stay in comfortable lodge. Season for Dalmatian Wild Sheep is from 1st September till 31st May. For Balkan Chamois from October to January. For mouflon and Feral Goat - all year round. Group can consist of 1 to 4 hunters. Hunting duration is 5 days.

Name Hunting in England & Scotland

Hunting in England and Scotland was always interesting for hunters. Here you can hunt for Pere David Deer, European Red Stag, Scottish and English Red Stag, Manchurian Sika, Japanese Sika, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Roe Deer, Muntjac Deer, Chinese Water Deer, Hog Deer, European Wapiti, Soay Sheep, Wild Boar and Wild sheep. The hunting season for trophy animals begins the first week of April and goes through until the end of December with a break through September to October for the Scottish hill stag hunts. During hunting guests stay in hotels. Group can consist of 1 to 4 hunters. Hunting duration is minimum 4 days.

Hunting in Serbia

Do you know where in Europe Roe Deer inhabit for the most? Of course in the fields of Serbia, and if more concretely in Voyevodina. In Kanidya, Zrenyanin, and Kikida there are lots of Roe Deer. You can hunt from a car as well as walking. Accommodation: normal comfortable hotels. Duration of hunting: 3 days.


Hunting in Greece

If you are looking for real hunt for Kri Kri Ibex it is Greece! Hunting is provided in on of the island. But you will hunt with shotgun not rifle (by Greece rule). Season is November - December. The are only several license per year. 


Hunting in Macedonia

Macedonia is one of amazing Balkan countries with hunting traditions. Here you can hunt following animals: Balkanian Chamois, (Ibex) Kri-Kri, Himalayan Tahr, muflon and wild boar. The hunting takes place on the height of 1500-2000 m. in such areas like Leshnitsa, Maurovo, Karadgitsa and Lakavitsa. Accommodation: normal comfortable hotels. Duration of hunting: 3-6 days.

Hunting in Czech Republic

Like in Slovakia hunting in Czech Republic is of high level. The hunting animals are the same as well: Reed Deer, Fallow deer, Roe Deer, muflon and wild boar. We have to add only sika deer to the above list.We organize hunting in several provinces of Czech Republic, namely in: Narod, Ukherske Nadiste, Nradets Kralove and Karlovy Vary. Accommodation: comfortable hotels. Duration of hunting: 3-5 days.

Hunting in Hungary

Hungary is little “another” Europe. Here the spirit of traditions as well as of hunting is strong. It is one of the best hunting countries in the central Europe. You can hunt here Reed Deer, Fallow deer, Roe Deer, muflon and wild boar. During the hunting you will have a service of global level-accommodation in comfortable hunting lodges. We have several hunting areas in Hungary, namely: Szolnok, Kaposvar, LAbod, Ipoly, Gulyaj and Hements. Duration of hunting: 3-5 days.


Hunting in Romania

Romania is a place where wild animals roam free like they have for thousands of years. Here you will be able to hunt for Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, Chamois, Carpathian stag, wild boar, Bear and wolf. As well as small game you will hunt Pheasant, partridge, ducks, goose, woodcock, quail, wild pigeon, skylarks, fieldfares. Hunters stay in hunting houses and small hotels. Season for big game from September till January. Season for small game from August till March. Group can consist of 1 to 4 hunters. And for small game from 4 to 8 hunters. Hunting duration is from 3 to 5 days.

Name Hunting in Austria

In Austria you can hunt for Alpine Ibex and Chamois, that will be nice trophies for your collection. You can hunt  Reed Deer, Fallow deer  Mouflon  and wild boar as well. Season if from September to March. Duration from 3 to 12 days (depends on our program). Quantity hunters in group: 1 to 3