South Pacific


Hunting in Australia

Australia could be characterized as a land of green forests with deserts. Here we offer you to get Buffalo, Banteng, wild boar, Black buck, as well as Samber deer, Javan Rusa deer, Ntn. Island or Molacan Rusa deer, Axis deer, Hog deer, Blackbuck antelope, Scrub bull, Dingo. In our second rancho we offer you to get an Australian crocodile which is a wonderful trophy. Depending on animal the hunting is conducted in various areas: Carmor Plains, near Darwin city. The Main hunting territory is forests of Australia. Duration of hunting is 5-7 days.

Name Hunting in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is about 400 km long, and 70 Km wide.  Has a special status of France. located near Australia and New Zealand. You will be able hunt for Rusa Deer which introduced in New Caledonia about 100 years ago, originating from Indonesia, New Caledonia is huge deer population estimated at 250.000. Hunting going all year round, but the best season is the roar (rut) end of July till beginning of September. Accommodations will be in bungalows with contemporary bathroom facilities. Group can consist from 1 to 5 hunters. Hunting duration is 5 days.

Hunting in New Zealand

New Zealand is one the most amazing places on the planet. You will see here beautiful mountains and have a fascinating hunting. Our hunting households are settled in the south of island. Here you will able to get such animals like a European Red Stag, Tahr, Chamois, Fallow, Whitetail, Wapiti. Depending on animal the hunting is conducted in several areas Southern Alps Spectacular Lake Hawea. Duration of hunting is 4-7 days.