• Faisal Alawadi and Talal Alhamad

    Our close friends from Kuwait got very interesting hunt for birds in Azerbaijan. Yousef Alazmi (Bawardi) his brother Abdullaf Alazmi (Bawardi) , Faisal Alawadi and Talal Alhamad showed good shooting skills as usually. Group shot many ducks and several gooses. We could managed them hunting for rabbits and other rare birds in Azerbaijan. Thanks for hunt with us. It was second visit of this group.

  • Remond Gilles, Jerome Martin and Fabrice Gauthier

    Group of hunters from France successfully hunted for Dagestan Tur. Several days it was rainy weather in mountains, but all 3 hunters could got his TURs. Thanks for Remond Gilles, Jerome Martin and Fabrice Gauthier.

  • Igor Raevskiy

    Igor Raevskiy got his Dagestan Tur, All team of Global Safari congratulate him with his trophy. Waiting him for next hunting trip. Igor is BIG hunter and always shows is to us. We also say thanks to his friend Dmitry Kolbeev which helped us with hunting organization.

  • Mieusement Michel, Steverlinck Patrick, Albertini Patrick

    Congratulations for group of hunters from France.  Mieusement Michel, Steverlinck Patrick, Albertini Patrick and Maury Laribiere Benoit got very good trophies of East Caucasian Tur in Azerbaijan. We must say thanks for group of video operators Liard Norbert and Lemarie Cédric  from SEASONS canal for their work of interesting film about hunting of TUR in Azerbaijan.

  • Jose Merino

    Our big friend Jose Merino successful hunted in Alaska. He got huge Gryzzly Bear and Rocky Mountain Elk.  We congratulate him from our heart!

  • Pedro Mico, Felix Colomo and Angel Palomo

    Fantastic hunting trip for Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan were done by hunters from Spain. Pedro Mico, Felix Colomo and Angel Palomo. Hunters were lucky with weather in first days of hunt and got really good trophies. Congratulations!

  • Jonathan Moodie

    Famous hunter from Australia successful  hunted with us for East Caucasian Tur of Azerbaijan. Jonathan Moodie got his TUR in several days. Jon is real hunter which is always ready to hunt,  so now we are planning other hunts  with him!

  • Darryl Murphy, James Skwor and Collin Krejarec

    Nice weather were faced by Darryl Murphy, James Skwor and Collin Krejarec  Skwor during hunting for East Caucasian Tur. USA hunters shot very good trophies of TUR. Congratulation to them!

  • Valeriy Eliseev and Sergey Menshonkov

    Team of Global Safari congratulate Valeriy Eliseev and Sergey Menshonkov with successful hunt for East Caucasian Tur. Each Hunter from Russian Federation got TUR’s. Weather was rainy and fogy but guys could get nice trophies.

  • Arturo Alonso and Manuel Sierra

    Grate hunt for Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan were done by hunters Arturo Alonso & Manuel Sierra from Spain. During hunt they observed many animals but shot only 3 TURs. Our congratulation with successful hunt!

  • Arzu Ragimov, Mushfig Ragimov and Azad Aliyev

    Home land met hunters from Russian Federation in an unfriendly manner. Hunters were hunted in rain, fog and hail. But after 4 days all they got trophies of TUR. We congratulate Arzu Ragimov, Mushfig Ragimov & Azad Aliyev with successful hunt for East Caucasian Tur in Azerbaijan republic.

  • Giovanni Pejrone

    Our congratulations for Italian hunter Giovanni Pejrone. He successful hunted with us in Russian Federation for Kuban Tur (Western Tur) and Caucasian Chamois. Giovanni showed very good physical conditions during his hunt although his trip was short. He welcome hunts with us Mid Caucasian and East Caucasian Tur as well. Bravo Giovanni for your Kuban Tur of 82 cm!

  • Ted Titus and Drew Marc MC Clymont

    Great hunt was done by hunters from USA. Ted Titus and Drew Marc MC Clymont got two nice Dagestan Tur’s. Ted shot it in first day by driven hunt, and Drew in second day by stalking method. Waiting reports about hunting from Ted and Drew in Azerbaijan to OVIS magazine. We also ready to offer them hunt for Kuban and Mid Caucasian Tur in Russia.

  • Michael Grosse

    Michael Grosse from USA shot nice Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan. First day we were stalking old TUR which was live in forest, but we could not get him. In second day we tried our chance by driven hunt but could not shot TUR again. And in third day Michael shot his TUR by stalking method. Michael thanks that you hunted with us and I hope we have good hunts with you in another counties soon.

  • Dr. Zsolt Kohalmi

    Famous hunter from Hungary Dr. Zsolt Kohalmi successful hunted for East Caucasian Tur (Dagestan Tur) in Azerbaijan. Vice president of Hungarian SCI chapter got his TUR in first day of hunting by stalking method. For me and my team it was very interesting hunted with Dr Zsolt who has hunted in all 5 continents and who has almost all mountain trophies from all the world. Gratulálok a sikeres vadászat Zsolt!

  • Artem Bobtsov, Anton Rakhmanov and Igor Shishkin

    Our congratulations for group hunters from Russia. Artem Bobtsov, Anton Rakhmanov and Igor Shishkin got 3 wonderful trophy of Dagestan Tur. Hunters showed good physical and shooting skills. Поздравляю вас с удачной охотой. Надеюсь вас увидеть в ближайшем будущем на других охотах.

  • Francisco Javier Márquez

    Francisco Javier Márquez felicitaciones. He got very hard-earned Mid Asian Ibex in Tajikistan. Javier shown courage due due to weather was not so suitable for mountain hunt. Thanks for our Tajikistan partners and friends for professional organization. Personaly thanks for Karim!

  • Jose Tomas

    Fantastic hunt during 4 days in mountains of Caucasus in Azerbaijan have had famous hunting family from Spain! Two nice Dagestan Tur and million pleasant emotions got Jose Merino and his son Jose Tomas Merino during all hunting trip with us. There are really interesting people and professional hunters. Pepe i congratulate you with enormous trophy of 92 cm! And you Jose Tomas with your first Tur!

  • Kim Jensen

    We congratulate hunter and taxidermist Kim Jensen from Denmark with his trophy of East Caucasian Tur. Kim got his TUR during two dates. Now best taxidermist from Denmark have nice trophy for preparing full mount. Kim you are always welcome to hunt with us! You became big friend of our hunting family.

  • Juraj Kovac, Gabriel Fruhvald and Ervin Szabo

    Group of Slovakian hunters got interesting hunt for  East Caucasian Turs. We say thanks for Juraj Kovac, Gabriel Fruhvald and Ervin Szabo. Hunters showed very good and professionals hunting skills.  Especially thanks for Roland Koller.

  • Michael Hiesgen

    I congratulate my good friend Michael Hiesgen from Germany for his successful hunt for East Caucasian Tur. I am very proud that I hunted together with so professional hunter and nice person.  Michael our doors always open for you and your friends.

  • Jose Joaquín and his son Mera Joaquín

     Hunting family from Spain successful hunted for Dagestan Tur. Jose Joaquín and his son Mera Joaquín shot 2 nice trophies of East Caucasian Turs. As usually hunters from Spain showed good physical conditions. Because of patience of hunters and professional movement of our guides, guests shot so nice trophies. Thanks for hunted with us amigos!

  • Cristóbal Barberán and Francisco Carrasco

    Bravo for  Cristóbal Barberán and Francisco Carrasco for successful hunting   for East Caucasian Tur. Actually weather conditions was not so suitable for hunting, but Spanish hunters applied efforts and got TURs. So from our side we congratulate them.  La suerte le encanta el valiente .... Con un sueño en sus ojos, mirar en el corazón ...

  • Argemi Morral Ernesto and Argemi Manas Enric

    Argemi Morral Ernesto and Argemi Manas Enric have had successful hunting for capercaillie (wood grouse -Tetrao urogallus) and for black grouse (Lyrurus tetrix) in Russia. During this 5 days hunters observed many birds. They also shoot some woodcocks. Hunters arrived in right place and right time. But these hunts possible do in September-October as well.   Bravo for hunters we are happy to organize next hunts for hunters from Spain.
    Ernesto Morral Argemi y Enric Argemi Manas han tenido una exitosa caceria de urogallo y gallo lira en Rusia. Durante cinco dias, ambos cazadores observaron muchas aves. Tambien cazaron algunas becadas. Se puede decir que llegaron al sitio indicado en el momento indicado, pero esta caceria tambien puede organizarse en septiembre u octubre. Bravo por estos dos cazadores españoles a los que estaremos encantados de organizarles nuevas cacerias!