• Artem Bobcov in Spain

    Our good friend and good hunter Artem Bobcov from Russia hunted in Spain with us. Artem got  BIG Gredos Ibex and nice Beceite Ibex during several days.

  • Igor Raevskiy in Kyrgyzstan

    Successful trip in Kyrgyzstan for Tian Shan Argali and Ibex. Igor Raevskiy in 3 days done his hunt! First day he shot Ibex from 400 meters and next day him Marco polo sheep from 400 meters as well. Well done Igor! 

  • Evgeniy Kurgin

    We congratulate group of hunters for Dagestan Tur, ALBINAS BALČIŪNAS and his son JONAS go nice trophies, as well we congratulate hunter from Russia Evgeniy Kurgin with his trophy. 

  • Igor Raevskiy in Turkey

    We again congratulate Igor Raevskiy with his trip to Turkey, he got Bezoar Ibex, Anatolian chamois and Gazzele. All trophies was shot in first days but all trip took 7 days. During this trip we faced rain, fog, snow and hot sunny weather. Thanks Igor for hunt with us!

  • Daniel Elies

    Spanish hunter Daniel Elies have had very interesting hunt for Dagestan Tur and got big trophy of 92 cm!!! We congratulate Jordi Figarolas with successful hunt as well.

  • Igor Raevskiy made in Azerbaijan

    Igor Raevskiy made new shooting record in our mountains! 550 meters! Igor got his trophy in first day of hunt. Every time he makes his collection of trophy be more bigger and bigger. Wish him best with all his hunts!

  • Ali Makhmudov

    Ali Makhmudov  from Azerbaijan got  nice Sierra Nevada Spanish Ibex during several days of hunting. After that we have had nice and interesting Monteria! Waiting next hunting trip of Ali Makhmudov

  • Seranno Maria Jaime

    Seranno Maria Jaime have had fantastic trip for Dagestan Tur. Spanish hunter as usually proved that Spanish hunters always in good physical form. Bravo amigo!

  • Artem Bobtcov and Anton Rakhmanov

    Two hunters from Russia have had successfull  trip to Nepal and got two nice Blue Sheeps. Artem Bobtcov and Anton Rakhmanov showed fantastic physical condition in Himalayan mountains. Congratulation guys!

  • Borislav Borisov

    Bulgarian hunter Borislav Borisov hunted for Dagestan Tur and got it. We from our hearts congratulate him and whish luck with future hunts! Благодаря за лова!

  • Jonathan Moodie. New Zeland

    OMG! Jonathan Moodie our big friend and costumer again on hunting! New Zealand shakes with fear of his hunt! two tahrs, one New Zealaand chamois, Reed Deer and wild boar were hunted by this incredible hunter! Jon we always with you, hope see you soon!

  • Peter

    Our new costumer from Canada Peter Andersen during 2 days shot nice trophy of Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan. We are looking for future for hunting with Peter in Kyrgyzstan.  Peter is young but really strong hunter which  splendid know rifle and bullets system of shooting. We are happy have so professional hunter as our costumer and friend.

  • Valeriy in South Africa

    Out Hunter from Russia Valeriy have had successful trip to South Africa for  especially species. He got Leopard, Kudu, zebra and Bushbuck. It Is second trip of Valeriy to South Africa. Team of Global Safari congratulate  him! It was really interesting hunt!

  • Mike Monin, Caleb Applegate, Billy Molls

    One of the interesting trip for Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan have had group from USA. Mike Monin, Caleb Applegate, Billy Molls got unforgettably trip and hunt! For out team it was big pleasure hunted with this group of real hunters! We proud that organized hunt for this group.

  • Faig Babanly, Asif Ilyasov

    Again Faig Babanly and Asif Ilyasov hunted in South America. In this time Azerbaijan hunters visited Nicaragua and part of Bolivia. They shot some birds, crocodiles and have interesting fishing.

  • Igor Raevskiy in Russian Karelia

    Fantastic hunt was done by Igor Raevskiy in Russian Karelia. Huge bear was shot him from 50 meters! Igor is going collect all bears from all the world! We wish him luck to all his hunts!

  • Rodriguez Zamora David, Cano Sansa Joan

    Group of hunters from Andora hunted for Dagestan Tur. Weather was not so suitable for this mountain hunt, but never the less hunters got good trophies of tur. We say bravo for

  • Əli Mahmudov və Aleksey Aqafanova

    Rusiyada yaz ovu!  Sibir xoruz və meşə xoruz ovunu müvəffəqiyyətlə sona çatdıran Azərbaycan ovçuları – Əli Mahmudov və Aleksey Aqafanova eşq olsun! Spring hunt in Russia! Congratulation for hunters from Azerbaijan. Ali Makhmudov and Alexey Agafanov successfully  hunted for capercaillie and black cock.

  • Victor Likhachev

    Congratulations to Victor Likhachev with successful hunting in Nepal. Victor was able to get the Blue Sheep  and Tahr. Victor confirmed his high-class international mountain hunter. We wish good luck to Victor with his next hunts!

  • Klaus Anerud

    Klaus Anerud successful hunted in Macedonia for Balkan chamois. We congratulate our Norway friend for good result!

  • Saad Alazemi, Muzzi Alrashidi

    Group of hunters from Kuwait successful hunted for birds. Saad Alazemi,  Muzzi Alrashidi, Ali Alrashidi and Sultan Alradah proved that Kuwait has skilful hunters. During hunting trip Kuwaiti hunters saw and got many various birds. We really happy to organize for these nice people next hunting.