• Rolf Ramse

    Great trophy of TUR was taken by Rolf Ramse from Sweden, we congratulate Jens Fjareide from Norway as well. Rolf got trophy of 1 meter long !!! Bravo!

  • Zohrab Sabzaliyev and Intigam Razev

    Fantastic hunting trip in South Africa was done by hunters from Azerbaijan. Zohrab Sabzaliyev and Intigam Razev hunted for Zebras, Kudu, Oryx, Hartebeest, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, in total were hunted 10 trophies. Faig Babanly and Asif Ilyasov hunted for several antelopes as well.

  • Bashir Guliyev

    Bravo for Bashir Guliyev from Azerbaijan who hunted for Kudu (gold medal), Warthog, Blue Wildebeest and Zebra in Namibia.

  • Nina Sorensen

    For Nina Sorensen is was second trip to Azerbaijan, fir time she took trophy but now she back and renew her record. We really respect her and congratulate with so nice result of hunt.

  • Tahir Aliyev

    Hunter from Azerbaijan Tahir Aliyev got nice Oryx, Blue Wildebeest, Burchell Zebra & Hartebeest.

  • Nadim Khan

    Hunter from USA Nadim Khan  got his trophy of Eastern Dagestan Tur. Trophy was taken in second day of hunt. With big respect from Global Safari team!

  • Eric Bermel

    Eric Bermel from France successfully hunted for East Caucasian Tur. So now this nice trophy go to France! Our team congratulate him with it.

  • Mekhti Akhundov and Emin Akhundov

    Group of hunters from Azerbaijan back from from Namibia. Mekhti  Akhundov and Emin Akhundov took each by one Giraffe and several antelopes, Faig Babanly took Kudu and Oryx.

  • Juan Carvajal

    Juan Carvajal from Spain one of lucky hunter we see! During 4 days weather was really tereable – fog and rain interleaving each other. But in last day near camp he shot 2 TUR by 90 cm horns! Bravo Juan!

  • Hubert Ruggeri

    Hubert Ruggeri hunted for Dagestan Tur and got it! 86 cm TUR trophy. Good hunt Hubert!

  • Hakki Acsoy

    Famous hunter from Turkey Hakki  Acsoy during 3 days got his TUR. We congratulate him and wish all the best!

  • Romain lavizzari

    Bravo for Romain lavizzari hunter from  Switzerland. He got his TUR in last days of hunt! Weather was really bad with rain, fog and even small snow! But bravo Roman he use his chances!

  • Ernst Hopperger

    We say good job for Ernst Hopperger from Austria. If speak openly weather was not so nice for this trip but never the less Ernst got his trophy!

  • Gerard Delore

    Congratulation of French hunter Gerard Delore with his trophy of 88 cm. We wish you  the best hunt  with next your trips Gerard!

  • Sergio Martinez

    Hunter Sergio Martinez from Spain got TUR of 86 cm. We congratulate him with it. Sergio due to his energy had so nice and interesting  hunt! Bravo amigo!

  • Eduardo Carcedo, Jorge Bartolome

    Group of hunters from Spain successful hunted for Dagestan Tur. Hunters  Eduardo Carcedo and   Jorge Bartolome showed that they are ready for Caucasus mountains! Bravo cazadores!

  • Stian Ryen

    Hunter from Norway Stian Ryen got big trophy of wild boar in Azerbaijan, trophy size of tusk was 23 cm. Good trophy Stiean. Waiting you for next hunts! 

  • Soren Sorensen

    We congratulate our big friend from Denmark Soren Sorensen with his trophy of Dagestan Tur. We wish him best with next hunting trips! Thanks Soren!

  • Prof. Niedner Wolfram

    Germany hunter Prof. Niedner Wolfram shot his TUR in first day of hunt! We really respect him for his shooting class and physicalcondition! Danke her Niedner Wolfram!

  • Ted Siouris

    Ted Siouris from USA shot his TUR in mountains of Azerbaijan, I and all our team congratulate him! Bravo Ted, we liked you as person and as hunter.

  • Jean Claude Gloeckler

    Jean Claude Gloeckler  from France got his TUR in first day of hunt, weather was really sunny and suitable for hunt but never the less Jean showed fantastic shooting skills.