• Valeriy hunted for Alpine Ibex in Austria

    Valeriy hunted for Alpine Ibex  in Austria with Global Safari. This trip was really interesting for hunter. In several days Valeriy shot: Gold Ibex (171.40 CIC) and Platinum IBEX (210.40 CIC) that mean almost world record Ibex.

  • Huge Reed Deer and and mouflon

    Huge Reed Deer and and mouflon shot Valeriy in Austria! Reed deer was really nice and big! In same day hunter got his mouflon as well.

  • In Austria Valeriy shot nice Alpine Chamois

    In Austria Valeriy shot nice  Alpine Chamois, several days we were looking for it, we have had good chance to shoot it in first day but rain and fog was to strong for hunt. Any where Valeriy could shot one from 250 meters. 

  • Valeriy in Canada

    Several deers and Bison was shot by Valeriy in Canada, our best hunter never stop! Weather was comfortable and Valeriy's shot was accurate as usually. We congratulate Valeriy with this hunt! 

  • Group of friends from Kuwait

    Group of friends from Kuwait hunted for Ducks with us. Abdulaziz S A J M Alfalah, Nassar Abdulrahman J Almutairi,  Mohammad A A A Alrabei faced good weather for hunting and good population of birds.

  • Valeriy in Arctic

    Valeriy which nick name is HUNTING machine again successfully hunted. For this time he has been in Arctic for Polar Bear and got it. During his trip to Arctic he saw many bears and could shot one he liked. We congratulate him with so interesting hunt!

  • One more group from Kuwait

    One more group from Kuwait hunted with us for Ducks! Yousif Almee, Mohammad Alrumaidhi, Ali Alazemi, Ahmad, Jaber, Falah – Alnami show real fantastic shooting skills.

  • Valeriy and his friend Sergey in Romania

    Valeriy and his friend Sergey hunted with us in Romania for Bear! But again weather was not so kind for us! Driven hunt was done but due to rain dogs could not find many bears or wolfs. In last day we got even snow! Any whey Valeriy could shot 2 bears and Sergey one! Hunt was done!

  • Valeriy in Romania

    Romania met us by huge snow!  That was something! Weather which was not in Transylvania 100 years! But Valeriy shot Carpathian Chamois in one day. We should say thanks for guides and our Romanian organizers! Again thanks for Valeriy for his physical conditions and shooting skils in that uncomfortable conditions! Bravo Valeriy! 

  • Oleg Kuznetsov from Russian Federation

    Oleg Kuznetsov hunter from Russian Federation hunted with us for East Caucasian Tur. Weather condition was not so comfortable but any where Oleg shot his TUR! 

  • Jon Moodie in Kazakhstan

    Our good friend Jon Moodie hunted with us Maral in Kazakhstan. Jon got 2 Maral. Second one was shot from 531 meters! It was really interesting trip and hunt! Thanks Jon.

  • Hunter from Mexica Osvaldo Perez

    Hunter from Mexica Osvaldo Perez hunted for  Dagestan Tur and got him! It was some snow but hunter showed strong physical and shooting skills. We should say thanks for guides as well.

  • Hunter from Latvia Vejins Girts

    We congratulate hunter from Latvia Vejins Girts for his successful hunt for Dagestan Tur. Hunter showed good physical  and shooting skills! 

  • Hunters from Kuwait

    Hunters from Kuwait successful hunt for Duck with Global Safari! During hunt hunters saw many birds. Weather was also very good for hunt ducks!

  • Ali Mahmudov from Azerbaijan

    Next congratulation for Ali Mahmudov from Azerbaijan! he added in his collection Muskox and Reindeer from Greenland. Weather was nice during his 4 days hunt, even one rainy day was wonderful in Greenland. It is exactly one of the interesting place in the world.

  • Hunters from Mexico

    Wow! Esto es caza real! Group of friends and hunters from Mexico hunted for Dagestan Tur and got it! So massive trophies in 3 days hunt! Weather was hot and sunny. Hunters saw so many TURs and selected what they liked.

  • Aleksey Agafonov and Ali Mahmudov

    Hunters from Azerbaijan Aleksey Agafonov and Ali Mahmudov got his 2 European moose in Belorussia. It was interesting trip where Aleksey got also Roe Deer. We are happy that we have so professional hunters and nice people as our friends. Looking for next trip with this people! 

  • Valeriy from Russia

    Our good friend and costumer Valeriy from Russia hunted in Tanzania for Elephant, Leopard, Crocodile and antelopes, we congratulate him with so interesting trip and successful hunting in Tanzania. 

  • Faisal from Kuwait/UK

    Hunter from Kuwait/UK successful hunted for Dagestan Tur. Faisal al-Zaid showed incredible physical condition and in 2 days shot his TUR. We are happy that now we have new costumer and new close friend as Faisal. 

  • Ali Mahmudov in England

    Our old friend Ali Mahmudov from Azerbaijan have had incredible tour in England where he took Bison, Scottish wild sheep, Chinese Water Deer,  Blackbuck antelope and shot many pheasants.

  • Jesus Luis, Israel and Jorge Pereda Sanz in Dagestan

    Es muy buena caza! Hunters from Spain go their Dagestan Tur! Jesus Luis, Israel and Jorge Pereda Sanz have had tour which they wished! First day weather was not so good for mountain hunt but next day was very sunny  and hot.